Frequently Asked Questions

What is CBS Kosher Food Program?

It is a non-profit program providing Day Care Centers, Schools, After School programs, and Non Profit children’s programs with meals. These meals can include breakfast, lunch, and snack, or dinner and snack. Meals include milk and/or juice as well.

Why Have This Program?

In these days of economic stress it is nice for parents to know that their children are receiving delicious hassle free healthy meals while they are not around to supervise. This not only gives peace of mind, but it also eliminates chips and soda for breakfast.

Who Can Join This Program?

Any Day Care Center, School, After School or Non Profit children’s program can be a part of this program as long as they are area eligible.

What Is So Special About CBS?

CBS is the only food program that provides all the paper goods for our sites. We are also the only kosher food program in the Pennsylvania area. Kosher means that companies we deal with have to deal with a higher authority. Kosher means that the meat and chicken are slaughtered according the laws of the Bible. This also means that no horsemeat, pig, or seafood is in anything.

How Do I Join?

Fill out our Online Application. Or call CBS and ask to speak with a Site Specialist today. The number is 215-938-0201.

Is There Any Paperwork Needed To Join?

Day Cares need a Certificate of Compliance (DPW) and a Master List of Children must be completed. Parents must also fill out Income/Enrollment forms for their children.

After Schools need a 501c3 as well as a Health Certificate OR a Fire Inspection document. Letters of approval and denial to be signed by the parents of children denied.

How long is the process?

This process depends on how quickly your center is able to provide CBS Food Program with the necessary above information that is needed to be part of the food program.

What Happens After I Submit My Paperwork?

  • Site Visit– A CBS monitor will schedule an on-site visit to inspect the facility for proper equipment, number of children, etc.
  • Training – all sites are required to attend a Mandatory State Training at our offices before we can begin (even if you already have a previous site with us). We will contact you to schedule a convenient time.
  • Parents – the parent(s) of each child must Except/Decline our meal plan using our online system (we will provide further instructions)
  • Approval – Once the Department of Education approves your site, we will contact you to schedule your initial delivery and work out the remaining details.

How Often Do Deliveries Come?

All paper goods, juice, canned vegetables &fruits are delivered once every 4-5 weeks.

Milk is delivered 2 times a week. Fresh food is delivered daily to be served the following day. Bagged meals are delivered the day of service.

What Kitchen Equipment Is needed?

Please follow the rules and regulations of the health department. These may vary from county to county. A working refrigerator with a freezer is required. Cabinets for storage are needed for all cans and bottles. NO Supplies may be placed on the bare floor.

Daycares that will be serving the hot menu have the option of an oven or a microwave . All food from CBS is microwavable.

What Other Equipment Is Needed?

A working phone. A computer or mobile device. A scanner or mobile scan application that can send us documents in pdf format. (Please no pictures of documents)

How Do I know We are Doing Everything Right?

CBS sends out monitors several times a year to make sure there are no problems and to make sure the food program is running smoothly. Also this monitor will answer any questions you may have.

Are All Children Eligible For This Program?

All Day Care children can participate in our food program to receive meals. Depending on the parents income will determine the status of the meals as free, reduced, or paid per family.



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